Gastroenterologist and endoscopic digestive specialist in Tradate

Dr. Herbert Rainer is a gastroenterologist and digestive endoscopist. He specializes in gastroenterology and liver disease, as well as in internal medicine. At the studio he conducts professional visits and examinations related to health checks. The doctor has always been involved in academic activities, giving lectures and attending congresses on their subject and specializations, confirming their expertise and experience in the field.
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Visits and exams

The doctor performs private specialist examinations, as well as endoscopic examinations and abdominal ultrasound. He performs digestive tract examinations, such as digestive endoscopy, gastroscopy, and colonoscopy at a dedicated facility. The studio employs competent staff and state-of-the-art technologies for all its activities. For more information about the pathologies that can be analyzed and treated we recommend visiting the dedicated section, or contact us.
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The physician also deals with nutrition and problems related to reflux. The doctor offers nutritional advice and treats cases of food intolerance and allergic diseases, including celiac disease. With his experience gained in the field of medicine, the doctor is a professional and reliable reference figure, able to provide valuable and useful nutrition advice in maintaining and achieving well-being and health. Dr. Herbert Rainer's studio allows you to book an initial visit: throughout the entire journey you will be listened to and treated with professional care. For more information please contact us in confidence by telephone or email.

The studio is located at Viale Guglielmo Marconi 94, Tradate.

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